Groupe Dupleix

CTS and NV65 standards


Regulations concerning big tops, tents, structures and public buildings

A consolidated legislative text which was published in the Journal Officiel (Official Gazette) on 3 March 2010, it describes all of the rules to be complied with for the design, establishment and maintenance of a structure that is a public building. The installation of these sorts of public buildings is subject to a safety register request.

An ID number is issued by the Prefect for the operation of such a venue.

The CTS regulation requires the use of an M2 fabric within the context of a metal and textile structure used as a public building. The principle is, that in the event of a fire, the M2 will open up above the fire without either being consumed or dripping. This will allow the smoke to be discharged.

The Snow & Wind 65 standard

The Snow & Wind standard sets the climatic overloading values and specifies the evaluation methods for resistance strains relating to the whole of a building or on its various parts.

Each region is thereby referenced depending on the climatic constraints inherent in its environment.

This standard has been replaced by the Eurocodes.