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Explanation standard CTS

Equipment complies with CTS regulations.

Structure designed and installed to remain stable under the effects of a wind of 100 km / hour (closed structure) and a snow load of 10da/N/m2 (10 kg/m2) in horizontal projection.

If the wind is greater than 100 km / h, it is necessary to evacuate the structure. If the snow load is greater than 10 da / N / m², it is necessary to clear the roof of the structure or of heating to melt the snow.

 ABRISTOCK Presentation

Bâtiment Abristock

Locastock offers flexible space available for sale and rent. ABRISTOCK installs easily and requires no foundation, just have a flat with compacted soil. For occasional use corresponding to a peak of activity, extra storage, a surface complementary sales ABRISTOCK fits your temporary needs.

Bâtiment Abristock Locastock

Technical details :

Détails techniques bâtiment Abristock

Span length modulated by 5 meters :

  • WIDTH (m)
10 15 20 25 30
  • HEIGHT (m)
4/5 4/5 4/5 4/5 4/5

Frame :

The structure is made of aluminum profiles fitted with grooves; the connecting pieces are made of galvanized steel.

Modulated by 5 m spans.

The structure rests on galvanized steel plates. They are firmly secured to the ground with stakes.
A pull test is performed during installation to ensure the good behavior of the soil.

The stability of the whole of the frame is provided by bracing cables galvanized steel, provided with turnbuckles.

Different materials :

Les différents matériaux bâtiment Abristock

Cover roof and gables :

The roof cover and the gables is made ​​of translucent PVC panels, side by fastening rods, a weight of + / – 630 g / m², fire resistance according to DIN M2 4102/BI standard.

Détail simple peau bâtiment Abristock

The roof coverings are maintained at its ends by bars tension.

Closure device :

The long sides and gables are closed :

ABRISTOCK CANVAS : PVC canvas translucent curtains central opening by lacing
ABRISTOCK BARD : cladding panels single or double skin.


  • Lighting
  • Interior : shelving, racks, platform, protection posts
  • Sliding curtains, swinging doors
  • Peripheral cladding
  • For clad ABRISTOCKS: sliding gates, overhead doors, pedestrian doors, gutters banks / low resistance