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Explanation standard NV65

The NV65 rules are rules defining the effects of snow and wind on buildings and annexes.

They aim to set the values ​​of climatic loads (wind and snow) and give the assessment methods related efforts throughout a building or its parts.

Presentation TRADISTOCK

Bâtiment Tradistock

Locastock presents its new range TRADISTOCK available for sale and rent.
All the advantages without the disadvantages of traditional construction.

TRADISTOCK buildings are suitable for all types of industries.
They are mainly used to store materials over long periods and can also serve as production buildings.

Technical details :

Détails téchniques bâtiment Tradistock

Span length modulated by 5 meters :

  • WIDTH (m)
10 15 20 25 30
  • HEIGHT (m)
4/5/6 4/5/6 4/5/6 4/5/6 4/5/6

Frame :

The structure is made of aluminum profiles (according to standard NV65) equipped with grooves; the connecting pieces are made of galvanized steel.

Modulated by 5 m spans.

The structure rests on galvanized steel plates. They are firmly secured to the ground with stakes.
A pull test is performed during installation to ensure the good behavior of the soil.

The stability of the whole of the frame is provided by bracing cables galvanized steel, provided with turnbuckles.

Armature bâtiment Tradistock

Cover single roof :

The roof cover and the gables is made ​​of translucent _ panels, side by fastening ring, with a weight of + / – 630 g / m², fire resistance according to DIN M2 4102/BI standard.

The roof cover is held at its ends by tension rods.

 Détail simple peau bâtiment Tradistock

Thermo-inflated roof cover :

The sheets are held under pressure by a compressor and a safety valve. They are classified M2 fire, fungicide treated and antifungal.

The sheeting thermogonflées avoid the condensation and allow the use of the clarity of the natural light.

Détail double peau bâtiment Tradistock

Some elements (materials of a Tradistock building) :

Les différents matériaux bâtiment Tradistock

Simple closing device skin :

The long sides and gables are closed with metal cladding panels single skin, fire classification M0. This siding is installed vertically.

Double locking device skin :

The long sides and the lower parts of the gears are enclosed by metal siding panels with insulation.
Polyurethane foam insulation fireproof M1. High and low smooth, drip.

Doors :

  • Pedestrian door (optional)
  • Truck door

Portes pour bâtiments modulaires Tradistock

Options :

  • Lighting
  • Heating
  • Interior: shelving, racks, platforms, protection posts.
  • All opening types: sectional doors, high speed doors, pedestrian doors, dock levellers.
  • Down stormwater / low resistance.
  • Building maintenance
  • Year warranty

(The year warranty is an assurance that the companies engaged in new construction, renovations large or diverse facilities are required to purchase in accordance with the law 78-12 of 4 January 1978. This insurance protects the contractor against the vices and defects affecting the soil and the building, as well as non-compliance with certain mandatory standards).